William Hutchison (Creadieknowe)     [with Andrew Poleson]     SA1972.99.14

We have so far been able to discover nothing about this song.  Help is needed! Now entered as no. 25905 in the Roud Index.

If you want a night’s enjoyment out upon the spree
Put on your hat and button your coat and come along with me;
For I know you are a stranger and doesn’t know the rule,
Oh come and I will show to you the sights of Liverpool.  

For it’s Annie and Fanny and me darlin’ Mary Anne;
It’s Judy Macarthy and Elizabeth McCann;
Its Angeline and Josephine and also Bridget too,
Will make you long remember the sights of Liverpool.

If you walk a little higher and tired you do not feel
There you’ll see the lighthouse likewise the man at the wheel;
And The Eagle is always there boys, you can take that as a rule,
It is a place where sailors go when they come to Liverpool.

For it’s Annie and Fanny…etc.

“I dunna know any more o the words!…”