Andrew Poleson                  [Jimmy and Nancy]                      SA1972.196.9

This  verse occurs late in a very long supernatural ballad concerning two ill-starred lovers at the point where the ghost of the drowned sailor Jimmy visits his beloved Nancy to take her to join him in the depths of the sea.  Andrew Poleson  was always better at remembering ‘a fine tune’ than remembering the words. You can hear Andrew’s octogenarian friend Andrew Moar sing  5 verses of it as well as read the continuation here.  

Who is that that’s under my window?
Sure it’s the voice of Jimmy my dear”
And lifting her head from her downy pillow…
—–   ” I forget the words that’s after that…. Ta la la la etc.)

” I’ve forgotten the words,  It’s a fine tune, I think you can get them from Edinburgh, that songs.  It’s possibly Tommy o’ Hoose kent them and aa…………..”