Jeannie Hutchison                                     SA1974.13.3 

Jeannie learned this song from other girls at cairdings and at the gutting work on the fishing stations. It was well known in Aberdeenshire with a variety of titles such as I wish, I wish, The Student Boy, Died for Love, etc.. In the USA it appeared on Broadsheets with the title The Butcher Boy.   Roud index no. 60.

Oh what a foolish girl was I
To fall in love with a sailor boy;
A sailor lad although he may be,
He spak the braid Scots when he courted me.

He courted me through frost an’ snaw
At when my apron strings did blow;
But noo that they can scarcely tie
He looks at me and passes by.

But I wish, I wish my babe was born
An’ sat upon my nurse’s knee;
I wish that I were dead and gone
An’ the green, green grass growin’ over me.

I’ve wished, I’ve wished, I’ve wished in vain;
I’ve wished to become a fair maid again.
A maid again I never will be 
Till an orange grows on an apple tree.