Jeannie Hutchison                                                                             SA1974.13.1

It is a pity Jeannie could not offer more of this ballad. It tells of one James Dixon who courted Sally, eventually married her and together they set out to emigrate to Quebec.  They embarked at Warren Point, Co. Down on the ship called the Newry but it was wrecked on the rocks of the Lleyn Peninsular near Aberdaron, North Wales on the night of  April 16-17th 1830.  Among the several hundred passengers sleeping below at the time was Sally.   James Dixon lived to tell the sad tale which was taken up by the balladeers and printed in numerous broadsheets. There are 11 versions from Aberdeenshire  printed in the Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection, (vol . 1, 53-60) and a fine version by Orcadian, John Goar is printed in Tocher no. 9 (p. 8-9).  The tunes vary considerably, though one of them  (James Beaton’s version) is similar to Jeannie’s fine melody. (Roud Index no. 526, which lists 47 versions)

It was from her dear parents that I stole her away
An’ that will shake my conscience until my dying day;
The ship she struck a rock an’ sent them down below,
And amongst that company slept young Sally Munro.

She then lilts the tune.