Mary Anderson                                        SA1971.211.10a

Here Mary recites the words for this song, said to have been traditionally sung and possibly played by instrumentalists in some parts of Shetland when a bridal party set out from the bride’s home to march to the kirk for the marriage ceremony. (Roud no. 25919).

And noo I mun leave me faither and mither
And noo I mun leave me sister and brither
And noo I mun leave me kith and kin
And follow the fate of a fremd man’s son.       [strange]

and here we include the fiddle version

Andrew Poleson                                                 SA1971.211.18

This is just one of over 80 tunes that Andrew played on the fiddle in his strong  traditional style.  The words shown above don’t quite fit the opening of this tune but do fit well from the fourth  phrase on and one can’t help wondering what any words if any  might be associated with the opening phrases.