Andrew Poleson                 [Kiss and Come again]                                       SA1971.268.17cb

Andrew and many other older Whalsay fiddlers knew the words to many of the dancing ‘springs’ in their repertory.

Come you here to court and clap and come you here to scorn,
Come you here to court and clap and marry in the morn.

This tune sounds somewhat ‘Highland’ in its rhythms and melodic style and one can hear some structural resemblance to the pipe Strathspey called variously Keppoch’s Rant, or Because he was a bonnie lad, or Kiss and come again.  Here Andrew sings just the few lines he knew and then plays it.  Some other Shetland fiddlers know the second line beginning  “Or come you here to kiss a lass….”

John Irvine (Glibey) of Whalsay also recorded a tune which he called Kiss and come again, though only parts of it resemble Andrew’s tune. You can hear it on-line here.
Roud index no.  25923.