Davie, like his wife Nettie, is a native of Whalsay and was approaching his 50th year when they were both recorded at a lively singing party in January 1980.  At that time he was Janitor at the island’s school and also the school’s bus driver until retirement, but before then had earned a living in a variety of jobs.

This photo was taken on his retirement day and shows him holding a ‘thankyou’ card from the school.

At the time he was  recorded he was fond of Country and Western music which then was  popular throughout the Shetland Isles, but his main interest always has been in Scottish and Irish folk songs. Davie is an admirer of The Corries Scottish folk duo and their songs. A fine singer he still sings in the island’s kirk choir and plays in the island’s band for weddings, regatta dances and other events.  His guitar is a Levin Goliath, a rich sounding acoustic instrument that was being made in Sweden during the 1950s  and 1960s. In addition to guitar he plays a number of other instruments, seen below.